Welcome and hello everyone! Happy New Year, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m the BFF (@balancedfitfoodie) more commonly known as Michelle. I’m an RD2be with a strong passion for eating and moving. I’m thrilled to finally bring this blog to life and start sharing my passion and knowledge with the world. To learn more about me, click here. For my first post, I want to share why I chose the name Balanced&Fit.

To be honest, it took me forever to come up with a title for this blog. Partly because I can be incredibly indecisive in general, but mostly because I wanted it to accurately capture my thoughts on health while still being catchy and concise. I know that “balanced” and “fit” are probably some of the most basic and cliché words in the health and fitness community, but they hold a lot of meaning to me.



Balance is the king of all concepts. In my opinion, you simply can’t lead a full and happy life without some degree of balance. I strive for balance in every aspect of my life, but this certainly isn’t something that all people in the fitness and health world do. While balance may have a different meaning to different people, I like to think of it as being the opposite of extremes.

I think of extreme as any lifestyle that is excessively restrictive, strict, reckless, catastrophic, etc. If someone chooses to live their life by extremes, I’m not one to judge, but there is often a trend with these types of people. Think of it like a seesaw. On either end, you have two different extremes. People who follow strict diets or workout regimens (aka “extremes”) often, over time, tip the seesaw up and down and up and down as they walk back and forth from one extreme to the next. A person who is balanced has a better chance of literally balancing the seesaw, because they stand in the middle and never move too far toward one side or the other.

It is important to find your own balance.



When you hear the word fit, what do you think of? A skinny person, like a model? A “buff” or “ripped” guy or gal lifting weights in the gym? Fitness is much more than what meets the eye. Fitness is about the composition, condition, and ability of your body. Being fit is not an end destination that you get to and then just stop. It is a way of living every single day. There isn’t one “correct” way to work out and be fit. No two bodies are the same, so why should one diet or workout program work for everyone? Why should everyone try to pursue a single image of “fit”? It is all a process about learning and knowing yourself. Move your body in a way that you enjoy, feed it wholesome food, and always strive to improve. THAT is my idea of fit.

Together, “balanced” and “fit” as explained above paint a picture of my philosophy on health and wellness. I hope to illustrate this further through the development of my blog, and I hope you’ll stick around to follow my journey and maybe learn some things along the way! Thanks so much for reading!




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