Hello all!

Welcome to Balanced&Fit, I’m SO glad you’re here! My name is Michelle, and I am the foodie behind this food and fitness filled blog. I’m a 22-year-old RD to be, originally from Chicago and currently residing in Kansas City. I graduated from the University of Illinois in May 2016 with a BS in Dietetics. I am now completing my dietetic internship and MS in Dietetics & Nutrition at the University of Kansas Medical Center. I can’t wait to be an RD so soon!

Graduation day outside of Bevier Hall-The dietetics building where all the magic (learning) happened! 

I never thought I would become a blogger, but in the recent months I have immersed myself in the wellness community of social media through my instagram account (@balancedfitfoodie) and I decided that I want to contribute to this corner of the internet. I’ve known since I was just 16-years-old that I wanted to be a registered dietitian, and I’ve never looked back since I made that decision. I am so incredibly passionate about food, nutrition, and fitness, but it hasn’t always been a steady journey. My goal with Balanced&Fit is to share my knowledge, experiences, and my honest, continuous journey in order to inspire and guide others in leading a healthy, happy, and balanced life.

I am a lover of all things food; I strongly believe that all foods fit into a balanced life. I love eating fresh, healthy, and whole foods most of the time, but don’t think I’ll ever turn down a slice of pizza! I have developed a love of cooking lately and I can’t wait to start sharing some of my favorite recipes and weekly meal prep with you all! My favorite ways to sweat are running, lifting, and DANCING!! Dance is my first love; I danced from the time I was 3 all the way through college, and I am in the process of finding ways to keep it in my life through adulthood. I also love hiking, traveling, animals, and writing.

My glory days as an Illinette (U of I dancer)
Before I lost all of my dance technique (lol)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see! Follow me through my journey to becoming an RD and living a healthy, happy life!