Meal Prep: Week of 5/29/17

I hope you’ll forgive me that I’m a little late on the meal prep post, but you know what they say: better late than never! Obviously the holiday weekend threw things off a little bit, but now it’s back to the “routine”–which isn’t much for me considering I’m still off until next week. I did most of my meal prep for the week yesterday, and I kept it super simple. I decided that I really liked the format of meal prep I did last week with the batch cooking, so I stuck to it this week. I’m not sure if it will work out as well when I start back at my internship rotations, but for now while my schedule is structure-less it’s a great option.

I also really liked the intermittent fasting. I never felt overly hungry and I feel like it helped control cravings, so I’m sticking to it another week. If you’re like “what are you talking about Michelle” then click here to see my post from meal prep last week to see what I’m referring to!

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What is the best diet?

Sit back and get comfortable, because I am about to reveal to you the perfect diet.


Let me start by saying I hate “diets.” Diets don’t work. Eating patterns and lifestyle habits are a slightly different story, but if it is telling you exactly how to eat or restricting you in any way that is not normal for you, then I’m not a fan. Diet mentality is a huge problem, but that conversation is for another day. Today I’m talking more along the lines of lifestyle diets.

Another thing I highly dislike when people, whether it be a patient or stranger or friend, ask me “oh you’re a dietitian, so what should I eat?” Continue reading “What is the best diet?”

Grey’s Anatomy Pt 2 Ft. the Power of Positivity


Wonderful clinical nutrition experience related to a positive attitude and hard work as evidenced by a happy dietetic intern.

Only my RD/dietetic intern/dietetic student friends out there will understand the significance of the above sentence. (Hint: it’s the “nutritional diagnosis” structure)

ANYWAY: As one of my best friends would always say: “Positive thoughts=Positive outcomes.” It’s so simple, but it could not hold more truth. I’m not totally sure when exactly I made this transition, but at some point in my life I became a very positive person. I wasn’t always like this, or at least I don’t think I was because even still, if someone were to ask me if I was a positive or negative person, I would feel naturally inclined to say negative. So I take that to mean that in the past, I really did have an overall negative outlook. Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy Pt 2 Ft. the Power of Positivity”

Meal Prep IS BACK!

Okay, so I’ve been all about the easy throw together meals lately, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! Some delicious roasted brussels sprouts and pre-cooked grilled chicken are a golden combination any day if you ask me. This week, it’s back to the grind in the kitchen on a Sunday! I finally had some time to plan and try out some recipes I’ve been wanting to try. If you saw my instagram story, I mentioned that this week I tried out some healthier takes on classic favorites. Everything turned out really delicious and I’m so excited to share.

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Grey’s Anatomy?

Okay. So, I don’t actually watch grey’s anatomy, which apparently is a crime. A lot of my dietetics friends love it. Especially the girls who adore clinical dietetics…which leads me into my actual topic for this post. Prior to my dietetic internship, the few episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “House” etc were the only “clinical experiences” I had.

Now, dietetics can be an extremely challenging field to be in. Our job as RDs (and RD2bes) is (usually) to guide people in making diet and lifestyle changes that will maintain, improve, or manage their health/condition, performance, and/or quality of life. In any practice area of dietetics, this can be a great challenge. Clinical dietetics is no exception, and from my experience, it’s a whole new level of difficulty.

I’m three weeks deep into my 16-week clinical rotation of my dietetic internship. I am working in a VA hospital, and so far I’ve spent the whole time in the outpatient clinic. I’ll be honest; I’ve been dreading clinical. I am not particularly confident in my medical nutrition therapy (MNT) skills/knowledge and I’ve found a much greater level of interest in community nutrition and other practice areas. Despite this, I always try to keep an open mind and I was actually excited to find out I would be starting with outpatient because I thought it was the type of clinical work I would like. I learned quickly that it was much more of a challenge than I could have fathomed. Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy?”